Joe W. Isdale


Mr. Isdale was inspired by the Inventors at a early age of six when his parents split and his father tool him to stay with his sister Myrtle and Joe Neiumann in Abilene. He invented the staps that the compress in Galveston used to compress cotton bailes so that three times the bails can be shipped in the same space, and as he was testing the bumpers in the toys, no doubt a distraction, he let me know that bumpers where not a life saving device and cars never had bumpers on the sides, that the problem was the nut behind the wheel, and he did not mean the bolt used on the steering wheels.

He was also told that the way to invent something was to fine out where mankind stumps his toe and there is work to be done, as we rode about in his Model T Ford truck without any bumpers. His wife had the big Packard with a hundred pounds of chrome bumpers.

It was a new kingdom that he awoke up to the next morning in Jacks room with radio tubes as big as a garbage cans and radio disk six feet wide, a home made jet engine that never made it in the room of his invention. My aunt explaned what inventor did and why Jack was so smart, but is time I figured it was the 75 oil wells on the ranch that supported the cause.

But the seed had been planted for THE PEACEMATION STATION that has evolve in the next 75 years to replace the Babylon in-bred socials as the planet monopoly that is unqualified today as we have billions more people that do not fit the design and science and technical pragmatic reality that is another world we have discovered and inventions int othe beyond that need their freedom..

Any one who has had experiences in combat as his tour of duty from LaHarve into Poland with the 89th Inf. under Patton in WWII with the landing, Batrtle of the Bulge, Rhine Crossing with the 354 Regiment, the concentation camps and into Poland, can only wonder how much better off would that time and energy, science and technical be used for the planet and the people, rather than the social events of the Babylon Rule of Law resolution. Mankind stumpted their toe..

The second event was my trip to Beaumont where I had stopped for coffee and stayed to long as i saw my friend Bill Gary who was killing himself to have a good time with the six million he inherited, they had taken the wrong turn out of Galveston and ended up in China rather than Boling, and after four bad wrecks had to have a driver because of DWI and the criple effects of the accidents.

The coffee did not keep him allert so he rested on the side of the road until he awoke and heard the crash. He was looking for his fox hole. A family of four in their smashed up car looked as if they had been in a war and the Southern Pacific truck driver was throwing his bottle into the rice fields. Mankind stumpted their toe.

The solution was the automation of the nut behind the wheel. This is a fantastic option and interesting adventure, as the two merge into the need for a up-to-date Sovereign for the Science and Technical Freedom for the expression of the 21st Century abilities and tooling that is beyond the abilities of the Socials of The World Babylon Occupation of the 20th Century B.C,

The ancients socials do not fit. They do not fit the Science nor the Technical as the human does not fit, unless they think and study and to learn, and they do not fit the socials that are for human authority of language and values. The War madness nor the Money amorality the unstable and irresponsible socials, the national borders and ways nor the cities with their streets and roads, infrastrucute nor the energy, earth uses, life support, ecology, environment, effective and enhanement of the planet and the services to the people where not involved in their designs. We should throw out their Specifications and design the Planet with our own Abilities today and Free our Tooling Evolution from the vested interest cult predators of the ancients. The socials are a place where Mankind stumps their toe, war madness as Authority and money follies as values, their old and the obsolete habits and hazards mistakes with their addictions momentum and mindset.

His Program of THE PEACEMATION STATION of routes some 800 foot wide and layout for orbit speeds in a vacuum as we do in space as evolution from the ocean, to land and flight now built on earth, as in space for the advantage of energy, time, motion, noise, earth land and endangered life saving, earth warming, enhancement and effective design of the Whole of Creation and Creativity freedom of discovery and inventions from the socials to fit the reality of the pragmatic planonintologic science of our being and abilities, the Intellectual Property Integrated and Installed Direct and to allow the old socials of nations to be served and to serve us for the next hundred years as we build the new and better way.

The Hundred Trillion in Bio-Bonds for the emancipation of mankind and planet from the ancient cult slavery so that routes and needs can be purchased, the rights of The American Revolution Declaration of Independence 1776 free and legal from the Constitution socials that are not in compliace with the Revolutionoinm Science, Technical, Planet, People full life support and abilities, The Constitution to Support, Protect, Respect, and Honor the American Revolution Declaration 1776 and the new super science sovereign, THE PEACEMATOIN STATION and their support systems as well as no longer be apart of the social nationals of the Old World ancient cult worship.