The use of the state comptroller’s office to give local organizers of the Routes of THE PEACEMATION STATION for the purchase of the Routes of the Super Science Sovereign to help in the development of the program, by the generation of the program for the local economy, just as they do for the Super Bowl now.


The use of the Federal Reserve for the issue of Bio-Bonds direct to keep the predator ways of the banking and the investors from the control of the new ideas that may impact the Old and the Obsolete, the Hazards and Mistakes that they have investments in, their tricks and cost as they have for the many Inventors of the past where they give no credit to the Inventions until they own them as well as their control of the supply of materials, Laws, the sales of the system, the legal and political, the press, production and sales that have to go through their Cults Control, that stop many a good invention that could help the people and the planet.


The sales of the Bio-Bonds to the Public to give the market the investment in the services of the system, as a million dollars of Bio-Bonds is motivated by the option in the location of their HomeStead-Base-Units in the world systems.


This gives the Inventor the full Development, production and into the sales of the millions of products that never did get to the people as others bullied the system to keep them off the market by the control of the chain of events.


The use of the full installation for the people to have access to the many new items and services that never would have been as the chain of predators take their toll on the program before it gets to the market as a hostile environment where the people have other options than their old services.


The years of development of ideas thru the ancient quackery compost system by people that are interested in the money and the powers more than they are for the people, the planet, the Future and the Development of the Ideas that become the foundation for the ever new programs.


The survival of the bullies and not the Intelligence evolves as the Evolution.

The glowing neurons, in the brain circuitry development, could be a friendly environment for redesign for the better, rather than the hostile Babylon cults.